Heat transport and climate Book Section

Authors: Macdonald, AM; Baringer, MO; Ganachaud, A.
Article/Chapter Title: Heat transport and climate
Abstract: It has long been recognized that the ocean plays a significant role in determining the Earth's climate through its interaction with the atmosphere. Since it is the radiation from the sun heating the Earth which drives motion in both these fluid regimes, an understanding of climate and how it evolves is necessarily based upon an understanding of how energy is transported within, and exchanged between, the ocean and the atmosphere.
Keywords: CLIMATE; Oceans; Meteorology; solar radiation; Ocean-atmosphere system; Energy Transfer; Climatic variability; Heat Transport; Article Subject Terms: Air-water exchanges; Air-water interface; Heat exchange; Atmospheric boundary layer; Heat exchange, sea-atmosphere; Heat transport in oceans; Oceanic heat transport-climate relationships; Article Geographic Terms: World Ocean
Book Title: Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences - Vol. 2 (D-H)
ISBN: 0122274326
Publisher: Elsevier  
Publication Place: Inc., 525 B St. Ste. 1900 San Diego CA 92101-4495 USA
Date Published: 2001-01-01
Start Page: 1195
End Page: 1206
Language: English
Notes: --- - | DOI: 10.1006/rwos.2001.; NU: 012227430X (Set); TR: NO0300833 - "RX: 850816 (on Dec 10, 2009)"
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